Sunday, November 6, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

I'm Jen. I love to write. Writing is therapeutic, cathartic, and a great escape for me. My family has gone through several kinds of therapy over the past few years: I began therapy about 2 years ago to deal with anxiety and depression. My husband had a stroke on January 5, 2011, and has been subjected to physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapy for the past 10 months. Now our entire family is endeavoring to begin family therapy so that we can deal with our various levels of fear, distress, and anger since Daddy's stroke, as well as the depression and anxiety that existed before the stroke.

I will attempt to write along these 3 threads in this blog - my own personal therapy, my husband's stroke rehabilitation, and our family therapy - although I'm sure there will be much overlap of the 3 arenas.

I will also include many "flashbacks", since we are 10 months into the stroke drama. Try to keep up!

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